Fuck you..

This is to the people who think they aren’t worth anything because they can’t match a standard that’s set by the world for them. This is for the ones who aren’t pretty or handsome enough to have a crowd rooting for them. This is for the ones who are called ‘too fat’ or ‘too skinny’. This is for the ones who rely on the benchmark the society has provided to figure out their self worth. 
In this world of Kardashians and trumps what really matters is how you portray yourself. You know these magazines, the media and all around you are just telling you that you’re ugly and you need to work on it and this can destroy you morally. The society has set standards for teenagers these days and 10 year old girls instead of arranging kitty parties focus on their make up kits and 10 year old guys who instead of focussing on sports, focus on their figure and hair and what not. 
All these ‘don’t judge challenges’ in this world full of averages and yet we don’t learn the value of not judging. The world around us is a lie that we live in. Beauty is the mere fake standard that we try to meet. Perfection is a word that should’ve never been made. Plastic hearts and plastic butts, were someday gonna get replaced by plastic too but only the ones that meet the standard. Step away from the benchmark, get rid of the fake friends, walk away from this fake life and be yourself. Be what you couldn’t be all this while. Satisfy your need, not the society’s greed. Lets pass on one good habit to the future generations and for that it starts with a message to the society’s standard,”  


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