The Darker side of online dating…

“I thought I would write about the adolescent problems. After a long search, I found out the fact that a large percentage of teenagers use various dating sites. And the reports given online continued to surprise me.The very next day I browsed for teen dating sites and found many out of which I chose one, initially. They asked for a nickname. ‘Deepika’, I entered a common Indian name. Next, I had to choose the age category. 17 to 20, I completed that task as well and was waiting patiently to see what would come up next. ‘Hi’, suddenly popped up a private message. You may read parts of our conversation. “Hello”, I wrote back. “How r u?” “I am fine. And u?” “Fine. ASL?” “ASL? What’s that?” “Age Sex Location.” “Oh! 15, female, India. “I was guilty for using my country’s name there. “Okay, I am from USA.” “O… good” “Why are you here?” “Hmm… first tell for what u r here? “I asked first” “Okay… I am here to make new friends and u?” I lied. “I also to talk and have new friends”. He asked about my hobbies, interests, and how I looked like. All those queries could be answered.I closed the conversation and that was when I realized there were a dozen messages from other guys. I was shocked. They were worse than the previous one. In fact, my heart was about to faint after answering all their questions. ‘Quit girl’, my heart faintly murmured. No, wait. I have to stay here for some more time.I understood that Indians were equally worse and were raising questions to which you would turn your faces. You would slap on their faces when you see them explain about unwanted things. I switched to male mode only to find girls also engaged in this chatting disease. No one is better. Later, I tried other similar sites and was defeated by the same plight.It’s high time the Governments take action against such sites and ban at least the dating sites for teens.
I fear what would happen to our generation, the pillars of our world. There are many other sites and many more ways to get to know each other. What is there to be entertained so much? Don’t evolve to become a lost generation. ”


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