Little did she know..

So Ken, have you ever loved someone?”, she asked. “Loved? Hmm. I would say yes if you asked me whether I love someone.”
“Omg, so you’re in love?”

“I’ve always been, Jenny, always.”

“And how does it feel to be in love? I’ve never been in love so I have no idea.”

Looking towards her pretty face, he said,”Well Jenny, have your ever lost your mind? Lost you mind in a good way? Have you ever lost your mind in a way where everything feels beautifully haunting. Everything looks pretty yet scary. The future is bleak but you find happiness in ever sight of that person.”

“I swear I cannot understand a word you’re saying”

“Exactly Jenny! That’s the feeling when I see” and he stopped fearing he would say something he shouldn’t. “See who Ken? Tell me her name.”

“Well her name belongs to an isolated part of my heart where only she can peek if she wishes.””Wow, allthis must be magical. I wish I was loved by someone, guess I’ll never feel love.”

“As soon as she said that, a little of him died from the inside.”


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