A Heartbreaking incidence…

The phone buzzed and she inquisitively peeped to find a text message that read ‘don’t be late for the bird watching’.”Son, what does bird watching mean?””Ah nothing mom. You know my friends. They’re idiots. Keep blabbering. Anyways I’ve got work so I’m out.””Okay but be home early. I’m going to pick your sister from the airport.”With the wave of his hand he stormed out to his friend who was waiting outside the door for him and they went away on his bikeAfter an evening of heavy drinks the two decided to walk. Walking down the streets they stared at every girl who passed by with large hungry eyes making anyone easily uncomfortable. Just then his friend pointed to two women trying to cross the road and said,”The very next block has no street lights and an abandoned house, you know what to do.” The two looked at each other and laughed heftily and walked towards the two women who had their faces covered with shawls.They creepily followed the women forcing them to move further into the next block where the darkness would betray them and before they knew it the two men were all over tOne started to scream for help and he hit her on the head with a brick and her lifeless body hit the floor with a silent flutter as the other tried to grip her phone.With a swift movement, she broke free from the drunk brute’s arms but just before she could call the police she felt a knife thrust into her spine, losing balance and falling into her murderer’s arms as her shawl fell off and her face was clearly shown against the dim light of her phone.A tear broke out before he broke the silence again,


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